5 Other Things You Can Hide in Gun Safes

If you own guns, it’s only natural to also buy a gun safe for safe storage. This will ensure that your weapons are well protected and are kept safe from other people who are not allowed to use them. It’s also used for safety purposes as well as protecting your investment from thieves and any case of fire. There are different sizes of gun safe but depending on the size that you chose, you can still have a lot of room left for other valuables. If you want to maximize the space of your gun safe, here are some of the other things that you can put inside it besides weapons and ammunition.

Most people use their gun safes to double as their jewelry safe. This is because gun safes are also protected by a lock combination that prevents other people from opening it. Everyone knows that jewelries need to be hidden in a safe place just like weapons because they attract thieves and unwanted attention. Jewelries are known to be expensive investments and people who buy them spend a lot of hard earned cash so they need to be well protected. Most gun safes can be customized with trays and layers to put jewelries in.

Valuable Documents
Valuable documents like land titles and deeds should be kept in a safe place where no one can gain access to them without permission. This makes gun safes perfect for valuable documents to be kept in. Gun safes that are fireproof are best for valuable documents because you want to make sure that they don’t get burned in case of fire emergencies. Since documents are literally paper thin, you can put many of them inside a gun safe easily without having the problem of cramped space. If you store all of your documents in a brief case, you can opt to put it inside the gun safe.

Although there are vaults specifically made for money, most people who already own gun safes use them to store their cash as well. The combination lock of a money vault is almost similar to that of a gun safe so restricted access is already a given. Just like weapons, cash also attract thieves and most of them try to use hard tools to open a money vault—just like gun safes. There isn’t much difference between the two and unless you have tons and tons of money, you can use your safe to put your cash in.

Personal Belongings
Sometimes, the item that you want to protect isn’t really expensive but it just means a lot to you. Items like family heirlooms, pictures of your parents and other memorabilia can also be placed inside your gun safe for the same amount of protection that you want to give your guns. These valuables are not replaceable and bear a certain importance to you that you also want to protect them from fire, thieves and other people who are not allowed to see or touch them.