Atrophic Gastritis Diet

gastritisPeople that suffer from atrophic gastritis are unable to product the enzymes and substances needed in the stomach to digest food properly. This condition usually affects people that are in their later years and the onset is slow. A person that has this may not notice for several years. Symptoms
If a person is suffering for atrophic gastritis they often have stomach pains, a feeling of nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite which leads to weight loss, and constant indigestion.
Diet Adjustments
To reduce the frequency of these symptoms a person will have to make some simple adjustments to a atrophic gastritis treatment diet. Overeating is a major problem. A person with this condition so eat at a slow pace so the stomach can adjust. They should avoid foods that contain carbohydrates and acidic foods, eating several types of proteins in one sitting, and fatty proteins. A person should also avoid sugary starches, and milk. Caffeine and spicy foods should be avoided.
Atrophic gastritis can be a painful conditions but it does not have to take over a person’s life. By watching what they eat and limited certain foods a person can live a pain free and productive life.