Proper Posture for Bow Handling for Better Photo Opportunities

Archery is one of the best hobbies that you can get into to build your focus and develop a fit body. It’s also a good subject for photography because of the look that you capture before and after an archer releases a shot. The best kinds of archers to take pictures of are those that have perfect posture and bow handling. To be able to achieve the best posture to capture the best pictures, you need to master the art of setup position and learn how to properly set up the barrel of the gun.

Achieving the Setup Position
This refers to the movements that you are going to make so you can achieve a good setup position. Once these are complete along with your mindset, you can now raise the bow to the proper setup position. The main objective is to set the barrel of the gun while you maintain the grip and the hook positions. You have to remember to keep the drawing scapula near your spine. Initiate your movement with your bow hand to get the bow to its setup position. Use your compound bow hand to raise the bow in an arcing fashion and in such a way that your bow arm is extended as far away as possible from your body.

Your drawing arm should only be connected to the string; this arm should not be raised manually. By doing this, you are making the stabilizer point upwards and your drawing hand goes down to a lower vertical position than your bow hand. When you raise the bow up, the target and sight should not be in line with each other. If you are right handed, the sight must be pointed to the left of the target (opposite for left-handed archers). This will prepare you for angular drawing and you will see the target slightly though the riser and the string. This may vary depending on the type of bow you’re using.

Setting the barrel of the gun
While rising to setup position, maintain your drawing forearm and wrist position as well as the hook and the feeling of the steel chain. You will start feeling an increased tension in your lower trapezius as you slowly rotate the chest to set the barrel of the gun. When you are approaching the final position, try to take an extra set for better bone alignment to help you achieve the perfect barrel of the gun. This extra motion means that you have to twist your midsection more so you can have your shoulders and chest set the barrel of the gun. Remember not to roll your bow shoulder forward or move your drawing shoulder back. The most important thing to remember is to create your own angle for drawing and loading. Use a more efficient torque of your body’s pivot points to achieve this angular movement. It should be a smooth transition with natural movements to make it even more effective. Exaggerated movements may lead to not being able to set the barrel of the gun correctly and may give you muscle pains.